List Categories (taxonomy terms)

This is one of many demos of our Simple Sitemap Pro WordPress plugin. Click here to see more examples.
Use this shortcode to display a hierarchical list of post taxonomy terms (e.g. categories). There are flexible shortcode attributes to customise output such as:

  • Comma separated list of taxonomy term IDs to include in the sitemap.
  • Comma separated list of taxonomy term IDs to exclude from the sitemap.
  • Show post count next to each taxonomy term.
  • Order taxonomy terms however you want (e.g. by name, ID, date etc.)
  • Optionally hide taxonomy terms with no associated posts.
  • Control hierarchy depth of terms listed.
  • Only show child terms of a specific parent term.
  • Examples:
    [simple-sitemap-tax taxonomy="wpgo_portfolio_group" show_count="1"]

Portfolio Groups