Sitemap with Excerpt

This is one of many demos of our Simple Sitemap Pro WordPress plugin. Click here to see more examples.
This sitemap is the same as the standard sitemap example but with the post excerpt (if defined) added underneath.

[simple-sitemap excerpt="true"]


  • Welcome to the Flexr Blog!
    With the Flexr theme having a blog is totally optional!
  • (no title)
    This post has no title, but it still must link to the single post view somehow. This is typically done by placing the permalink on the post date.
  • Another Featured Image Example
    This post displays another featured image on the main post archive view. You can set this on the post editor using any image from the media library.
  • Edge Case: Many Categories
    This post has many categories.
  • Edge Case: Many Tags
    This post has many tags.
  • Featured Image Example
    This post displays a featured image on the main post archive view. Set this on the post editor using any image from the media library.
  • Markup: HTML Tags and Formatting
    Heading Examples Just a quick selection of all six heading types available. Header one Header two Header three Header four Header five Header six
  • Markup: Text Alignment
    This is a paragraph. It should not have any alignment of any kind. It should just flow like you would normally expect. Nothing fancy. Just straight up text, free flowing, with love. Completely neutral and not picking a side or sitting on the fence. It just is. It just freaking is. It likes where it…
  • Media: Twitter Embeds
    Really cool to read through and find so much awesomeness added to WordPress 3.6 while I was gone. I should take three weeks off more often. — Andrew Nacin (@nacin) April 3, 2013 This post tests WordPress’ Twitter Embeds feature.
  • Post With Comments
    This is a standard post with plenty of comments. Take a peek at the single post view to see how beautiful the comments look! 🙂
  • Scheduled
    This post is scheduled to be published in the future. It should not be displayed by the theme.
  • Standard Post
    All children, except one, grow up. They soon know that they will grow up, and the way Wendy knew was this.
  • Template: Excerpt Defined
    This is a user-defined post excerpt. It should be displayed in place of the post content in archive-index pages.
  • Template: More Tag
    This content is before the more tag. Right after this sentence should be a “continue reading” button of some sort.
  • Template: Paginated
    Post Page 1
  • Protected: Template: Password Protected (the password is “enter”)
    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.