Widgetized Page

This page uses the built-in Widgetized template. Use it to display widgets in the main content area of a page. See below for example usage of all the widgets available in Minn.

Content Slider Widget

For starters here is the content slider widget inside a page!

Here is another slider widget with different settings. See how easy it is to add multiple sliders!

Testimonials Widget

Display testimonials inside a page via a widget. Here we are displaying 4 random testimonials. Refresh the page to see different testimonials each time.
  • Note: You can also choose to display fixed testimonials if you wish.

Luke Smooth

Fusce aliquam gravida enim, a feugiat odio facilisis sit amet.

Luke Smooth

It's Great

Natasha Logan

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut eu suscipit velit, sed iaculis tellus.

Natasha Logan

My Company

Terri Fisher

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque mollis sodales.

Terri Fisher

Acme Inc.

Jayne Murphy

Consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque mollis sodales.

Jayne Murphy

Over the Rainbow

WPGO Connect Widget

Choose from a wide range of social media and related icons to link to your favorite sites. Each instance of this widget can have it's own styles as demonstrated in the examples below.

Default styles.

Let's make the icons a bit more square, increase the border thickness, reduce the font size, and change the color. All easily done in widget settings!

Even bigger icons.

How about a minimalist gray color with bigger font size? Hover for a dash of orange.

Hover the mouse to go square!

Enter Our Amazing Competition!

The last of our widgets on this page is the Opt-in widget. Use it to great effect to capture email addresses for your latest marketing campaign.